Alexander McQueen 2009: Suing Steve Madden for Blatant Shoe Rip-Off


When it comes to fashion, copyrighting designs has always been a major issue. Now more than ever, smaller labels such as Forever 21 and Steve Madden have run into ilegal infringements, due to the similar designs, based on those that are runway-worthy.

Alexander McQueen slapped a lawsuit on Steve Madden and their ‘Seryna’ bootie on October 1, accusing them of knocking off his ‘Faithful Bootie.’ The McQueen shoe came out in January and has since been worn by Mary Kate Olsen, Rhianna, and Lilo. The booties are almost identical with the exception of McQueen’s trademark zipper pull.

We’d have to agree with Mr. McQueen on this one, the similarities in shoes can’t be an honest coincidence. Here’s a look at a few other questionable shoe designs that we’ve seen go from runway chic to department store weak.

YSL vs. Dollhouse


I was obsessed with this amazing YSL tribal design last season and, after seeing this knockoff version; I almost cried at the downgrade in quality.

Dior vs. Steve Madden


Madden better start sketching again; everyone is catching up to his knockoffs.

Gucci vs. Bakers


We all love a good discount, but not at the cost of our favorite designers’ success.