Alexa Chung Vs. Olivia Munn: Polka Dotted Style Standoff

Kerry Pieri

It takes a real woman to wear polka dots. OK, maybe more like a girly girl, but since it’s so easy to have it fall flat on its face into retro costume territory, it at least takes a bit of courage. Just look at Alexa Chung downing some of the liquid variety as she dons the spots. The question is, did she need it? And more importantly, who, between her and funny girl Olivia Munn did it better. It’s a standoff!

Alexa went to a party in London in said polka dots on a silk blouse, paired with a black blazer, deep red skinnies, some lace ups and a Chanel bag. The Brit girl brought the edge to what could have been a super feminine look and did her party ensemble a ton of favors by doing so. I dig the color combos and I think the polka dots also concurrently add depth to what could have been a slightly bo-ring look. In other words, they’re doing their job.

Olivia Munn went a bit more obvi at a Target party at Opening Ceremony last week. Her buttoned up dress with white collar and white belt is literally doll-like, and I in no way mean that as some kind of euphemism for cool. Grey tights and shoes help mix it up, while ethnic accessories just look random. Vintage and vintage inspired serves its purpose best when it gets a modern twist. I’m calling not awesome on this.

Standoff star: Alexa Chung. Do you concur?

Alexa Chung, Olivia Munn Photos: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images | Dave M. Benett, Getty Images