Alexa Chung: ‘I Basically Didn’t Have Style Until I Was On TV’

Meghan Blalock

Alexa Chung may have started out as television host, earning fame when she started hosting her own show stateside on MTV, but by now she is just as well-known for her style as for anything else, populating everything from street style blogs to the cover of Vogue.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, though, she confesses that were it not for her role on television, she probably wouldn’t be noted for her style.

“Basically I didn’t have much style before I started presenting TV,” she tells the magazine’s executive editor Laura Brown. “And then they give you money to buy clothes. They give you a wardrobe allowance, so it was the first time I had the luxury of being able to shop properly.”

Chung also dished on the last piece of clothing she bought (it’s not what you think), as well as her forthcoming memoir. Check out the clip above!

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