Editor’s Pick: A Much Cheaper Version of Alexa Chung’s Red Valentino Dress


Yeah, I know, big surprise: A fashion editor is about to gush over Alexa Chung‘s style. Relax, I’m only about to gush over one very specific facet of her style—the above red Valentino red dress that I’ve had saved to a folder called “fashion inspiration” since I first saw it in 2011.

Not only do I have a long-standing affinity for the color red, but I can’t get enough of Alexa’s hair (casual), shoes (quirky) and shades (too cool), making the whole look a fantastically large win in my book.

Thanks to Alexa, I’m still hunting for the perfect red dress with which to recreate the look, so I was obviously thrilled to come across a near-identical version at Pixie Market.

alexa chung red dress valentino

Okay, so it’s basically a direct copy of Chung’s much swankier $2,290 wool-and-crepe Valentino version, but since the affordable fashion site exercised restraint and waited three whole years to rip it off, they get a pass. And I’ll be getting the dress.

At $149, it’s not cheap-cheap, but it’s definitely a small price to pay for a dress I’ve basically been stalking for years. The cost of the products to get my hair to do that “I woke up like this” thing that Alexa’s mastered though? That’s another story.

Red Bow Off-The-Shoulder Dress, $149; at Pixie Market