Alexa Chung: I Only Own Two Pairs Of Jeans

Perrie Samotin


We’ve got to hand it to Time Out New York. The magazine—a hyper-local city staple—managed to snag none other than Fuse News host and bona fide style-setter Alexa Chung to cover its spring fashion issue.

Inside, the perpetual It Brit opens up about her past fashion faux pas, the difference between American and British style, and the fact that her personal denim collection is less than massive. Of course, she also models some spring must-haves, and looks fabulous doing it. Below are a few quotes, and to read the entire interview (and to see all the lovely photos), head on over to Time Out New York now! 

Well, today I turned up in my pajamas, so that is sort of an indication of where I’m at, clothes-wise.”— On her favorite thing to wear now

“I’m always amazed by how thick and shiny everyone’s hair is and how white everyone’s teeth are.” — On American style vs. British style

“I got punk a bit wrong when I was 17. I misinterpreted it and crossed it with some weird Pokémon-Tamagotchi hybrid, so I had this weird cyberdog look, which was really unfortunate for a lot of years.” — On her teenage fashion faux pas

“I love the ’60s and sort of wish all design stopped in 1967.” — On her favorite era

“I only own two pairs of jeans. One I designed for Madewell, so they are literally made to fit me. Another is a cheap pair from Danish brand Vero Moda that I got from a photo shoot.” — On what she saves money on

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