From Alexa Chung to Lady Gaga: Your Complete Guide to Every “Gossip Girl” Celebrity Cameo

Spencer Cain

After six seasons, beloved TV series “Gossip Girl” is coming to a close tonight. Although the show has (admittedly) gotten excessively unrealistic and occasionally difficult to watch in its old age, it’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for a laundry list of reasons: The fashion, the fact that it catapulted its relatively unknown cast—including Blake Lively and Chace Crawford—onto the A-list, it employed thousands of New Yorkers, and it had tons of celebrity cameos.

“Gossip Girl” managed to snag scores of real-deal fashion people (Rachel Zoe, Tyra Banks, Tim Gunn, Diane von Furstenberg and Vera Wang to name a few), as well as young starlets like Hilary Duff and mega pop stars like Lady Gaga. The show also often featured lesser-known but legit New York City fixtures like Lena Dunham‘s artist mom Laurie Simmons, adding some appreciated authenticity.  

In honor of tonight’s series finale, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that outlines every well-known person who had a cameo on “Gossip Girl,” starting with Season 1.

Click through the slideshow above and let us know who your favorite was!