Alexa Chung Dishes On “Gossip Girl,” American Fashion, Her New TV Show

Liz Doupnik

fullres 1 Alexa Chung Dishes On Gossip Girl, American Fashion, Her New TV Show

Another day, another reason to adore Alexa Chung. In a recent interview with Lifestyle Mirror, the model turned television host (turned actress) discusses everything from Bristish vs. American fashion, to favorite NYC joints, to acting on “Gossip Girl.” Read on to get the scoop on the interview’s biggest takeaways.

On acting in Gossip Girl: “[My] role was to be myself. I still found it impossible. I got asked to do “Gossip Girl” and I used to really like that show, and I thought it would be quite fun. But I kept looking in the camera, which is rule one of acting! Don’t stare down the barrel.”

On British vs. American fashion: “I love walking around the East Village and seeing all the girls and how they dress. In Britain, there’s so much to draw from in terms of history … There’s such a rich heritage there that has always celebrated eccentricity and being individual. But I do think inherently British people are really good at expressing themselves, not worrying what other people think and being a bit quirkier.”

On her personal style: “If anything, it became more British. Because I realized what I loved about where I was from, and unless you’re taken out of that environment you don’t really get a perspective on it … It all got a bit serious for a minute, and then I was like, it’s just fucking clothes you know? Stressing out about what to wear … So I just wear black jeans, a navy blue jumper, and Chelsea boots.”

On her new TV show: “I’m just about to start a new TV show for Fuse called “Fuse News.” It’s basically a daily roundup of all the music news you need. There are four anchors on the show: myself, Ashanti, Elaine Moran, and Jack Osbourne. … In England, it still kind of happens on BBC and MTV there is still music based. But here, there was a real lack of music shows, and that’s what I am used to presenting in Britain.

On her favorite NYC haunts: “I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a walk around, that’s really good. And the planetarium at the Museum of Natural History. I’m obsessed with dinosaurs so I go there quite a lot. I love Opening Ceremony so much. And Steven Alan’s really good. I think Madewell does really great stuff. The Lower East Side is really good if you stroll around there for vintage shops and smaller brands.”

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