Fashion Stars Get Carded, Too: We Saw a Bartender Ask Alexa Chung for ID Last Night

Julie Gerstein
Alexa Chung Launches New Make Up Collection - Photocall

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Alexa Chung: She’s just like us. She still puts her impossibly stylish skinny jeans on one leg at a time, and she still occasionally gets carded by bartenders who aren’t familiar with her famous face.

We saw it happen with our own eyes.

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Last night we attended a New York fundraiser hosted by Ladyparts Justice, an organization that’s helping to raise funds for women’s reproductive rights in Texas. There were tons of famous folks there, including Sarah Silverman, Lizz Winstead, Emily Mortimer, and the cast of “Orange is the New Black.” And Alexa, who volunteered to take donations over the phone.

We spent a couple of minutes chatting with Chung over the hors d’oeuvres (“What do you think that is?” “Seafood? Maybe?” she asked) and then sidled up to the bar to get a drink. A couple of minutes later, Chung was beside us, ordering a whiskey and Coke, and an Old Fashioned (which she handed off to a friend). Before she could pay though, the bartender requested that she show ID. So Chung, in between mouthfuls of salad, handed over her British passport.

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Yes, Alexa Chung, 30-year-old style icon and all-aroud It-girl got carded. And she really didn’t seem to mind.

It’s refreshing to meet someone so famous (and so beautiful) who genuinely seems like a normal person. Chung spent much of the event hanging out on the venue’s rickety steps, or happily watching performers from a perch on the venue’s floor, without a trace of diva vibe. Once again, she just reinforced the idea that she’s someone we’d love to be friends with.