Alex Wang: Bringing Me Back to Life One Look at a Time


Walking into the Alexander Wang show yesterday was like taking a breath of fresh air after a very long and very hung over day. After dancing the night away at Southside until 5 am the night before (what can I say, I got a little carried away with all the fashion week festivities), I was more than a little, er, wilted. But as soon as I stepped into the Roseland Ballroom to the sounds of the Ting Ting’s blasting over the loudspeakers and the excited, anticipatory buzz of the audience members, my spirits automatically lifted.

And that was before I saw any of the clothes. When the show actually started, I found myself shaking my shoulders in time to the beat of the soundtrack  (Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the centerpiece) and grabbing Meg’s arm whenever I saw a look I really loved (which happened with just about every other exit). Leave it to Alex to get me in the mood to dance again.

The collection was super strong, very sexy, and ferociously tough. It was the sexiest, most bondage-inspired runway I’ve seen so far this season, and I’m glad it came from Wang. Not many people can do “sexy,” “smart,” and “strong” at the same time and make it look good and cohesive, but Wang pulled it off without a hitch. Seems my fellow audience members, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jen Brill, and Sir Philip Green (of Top Shop fame….hmmmm), agreed with me if the loud raucous cheers at the end of the show were any indication

Among my must-haves: an uber-seductive pair of cut-out leggings, a mohawk hoodie sleeveless sweater, and a silver lame backless dress.