A-Rod Is ‘Jealous’ Thinking of What J-Lo & Ben Affleck Are Doing in Their ‘Renewed Relationship’

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Ben Affleck
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Left to his imagination. Alex Rodriguez’s reaction to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dating rumors was revealed, and, according to a source, A-Rod is “jealous” of what J-Lo could be doing with her ex-fiancé.

A source told HollywoodLife on Wednesday, May 12, that A-Rod’s “mind is racing” thinking about what J-Lo could be up to in her “renewed relationship” with Ben. “Alex is a little jealous as his mind is racing on what Jen could be doing with Ben by possibly starting this new renewed relationship,” the insider said. “A couple of friends are razzing him about it too and referencing that Ben is a Red Sox fan to add some fuel to the fire.”

However, it isn’t the idea that J-Lo could be back together with Ben that bothers A-Rod the most. It’s that his ex-fiancée “moved on so fast and so easy” from him weeks after their breakup. “But the thing that is really getting to Alex the most is that she got in a potential relationship so soon after theirs broke, because he still loves her. It’s really messing with his head that she may have moved on so fast and so easy,” the insider said.

A-Rod and J-Lo, who got together in 2017 and got engaged in 2019, announced that their split after four years together in April. Weeks later, news broke that J-Lo and Ben had reconnected and were spending time together at her home in Bel-Air, California. News also broke that the former couple went on a week-long vacation together in Montana.

As for how A-Rod is handling everything, the source claims that the former New York Yankees player simply wants to know the “truth” about his ex’s relationship with her ex. “He doesn’t want to strictly focus on hearsay from what he sees online. He wants the truth so he can start to know how to really mourn his lost relationship with Jen,” the insider said.

A second source also told HollywoodLife that A-Rod still isn’t over J-Lo and “still thinks about” her “all the time. “Alex is doing his best to focus on work and just keep things together, but he still thinks about Jen all the time. He didn’t imagine she would be spending time with Ben, let alone so soon after their breakup,” the insider said. “He never saw that coming.

The source continued, “Alex really did feel there was a way they could work things out again at some point. And a part of him still does. He’s been trying to get ahold of Jen but she’s not really reciprocating and he’s not ready to fully let go of their relationship.”

True Love by Jennifer Lopez

"True Love" by Jennifer Lopez

Image: Courtesy of Celebra.

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