Jennifer Lopez Gave Alex Rodriguez the Most Hilarious Hints to Convince Him to Propose

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez
Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images For Entertainment Weekly.

Just over one month ago, A-Rod got down on one knee and asked J-Lo to be his wife. The engagement ring was almost as stunning as the sunset they were surrounded by when he popped the question. But Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s proposal story isn’t your generic romantic comedy plot line: Man and woman meet; someone bumbles something; they’re forgiven; man surprises girlfriend with proposal; she says yes with tears flowing. (Like OMG I didn’t even know this was gonna happen!) Oh no no, my friends. J-Lo is too intelligent for that plot line. Once she knew she wanted to marry former MLB star,  she went after what she wanted. And Rodriguez says it was absolutely hilarious.

While discussing all things engagement with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, Rodriguez got candid about his and Lopez’s journey to tying the knot.  In the beginning of the show, A-Rod and Fallon talked about how the last time the former Yankee player was on the show, Fallon had asked him if a proposal was imminent.

Rodriguez said, “The last time I was here you were asking me about it!” Fallon replied, “Because Jennifer had a song ‘El Anillo,’ which means ‘The Ring,’ and I go—should have called it. ‘Hint, Hint.’ You got the hint.” LOL. Subtle, J-Lo. We guess everyone picked up what she was putting down, including A-Rod.

A-Rod nodded, and replied, “Well, I knew I was in some trouble because you had ‘El Anillo,’ which was the song, and then she has a movie coming this fall called Marry Me, so…I got it.” Of course, there’s no way Lopez called her movie Marry Me just so A-Rod would, in fact, marry her. But it’s a pretty funny coincidence. And it was definitely on both of their minds.

The proposal story is probably the best part of it all. “I planned it for about six months and it was on a beach in the Bahamas,” A-Rod explained. “I had the ring, but what was interesting is the three days prior to me going down on one knee and getting engaged was I rehearsed three days in a row.” OMG. How cute is that. He was practicing how to get down on one knee. If only someone had footage of his rehearsals. Missed opportunity there, people. (Don’t know who we’re talking to…just…anyone close to Rodriguez who could’ve captured that moment, we guess.)

His assistant helped him throughout the whole process, apparently scoping out the best location and timing with the sunset.

“I wanted the sunset to be perfect,” A. Rod added, then conceded, “Well, I had my assistant actually with me,” so he could figure all the details out. And the planning and practicing worked out picture-perfectly for these two lovebirds. We mean, LOOK at that sunset. Gorg. And look at his concentration. He was gonna do it right. Well done, Alex. Well done.