5 Designer Bags That Cost Less Than This $2,500 Hoodie

Meghan Blalock

We spend a fair (read: obnoxiously large) amount of time browsing stores online for designer goodies, and our concept of what’s “expensive” and what’s not is admittedly pretty skewed. For example, we find ourselves thinking that any designer bag under $1,000 is really not “that much,” which is obviously a little off-the-mark.

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That said, there are still some items that raise our collective eyebrows when it comes to price. Case in point: a new, all-wool hoodie from Swiss brand Akris that clocks in at $2,450. Here’s that price again: $2,450.

akris hoodie

This hoodie costs almost $2,500.

There’s no hidden tricks here, as far as we can tell—it’s not lined with fur or stitched together with pure gold—so we remain utterly baffled as to why it costs upwards of two grand. It literally looks like a piece we would wear to and from the gym, and that’s about it. We haven’t become so far removed from reality yet that we think this would really be worth the investment.

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So in the spirit of finding things that are truly worth the investment, we found some amazing designer bags that are cheaper than this hoodie and much more worth the investment. For the same price (or less than!) as this gym accessory, you could be the proud owner of any of the following:

givenchy bag

Floral Givenchy bag: $1,890 on SSense

valentino bag

Valentino Rockstud Clutch: $1,295 on SSense

phillip lim bag

3.1 Phillip Lim Bag: $650 on SSense; you could buy four of these for the price of that hoodie!

pashli1 5 Designer Bags That Cost Less Than This $2,500 Hoodie

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel: $895 on La Garconne

proenza1 5 Designer Bags That Cost Less Than This $2,500 Hoodie

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag in Apricot: $1,650 on La Garconne

So which would you choose: a basic hoodie or a beautiful bag? (As it it’s even a real choice!)