How Song of Style’s Aimee Song Organizes Her Incredible Closet

Leah Bourne
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Aimee Song, the blogger behind of Song of Style, is one of the most fashionable women around (Vanity Fair even put the style star on their best dressed list), so it should be no surprise that she has one of the most enviable closets around. Song recently shared a photo of the inside of her closet with her followers on Instagram after attesting to have re-organized it just in time for spring. Smitten? So are we.
Here, some tips that you can take away from Song’s awe-inspiring closet so you too can get dressed like a personal style blogger each day.

1. Any room can be turned into a pseudo closet.
We love that Song combined her office with a walk in closet. Because, why not? Her clothes are gorgeous to look at it, and serve as something fun to look at.
2. Organize your clothes by season. 
Song attested on Instagram to re-organizing her closet in time for Spring, a great idea for everyone. Put the items that you are going to be wearing in a particular season front and center, and what you won’t be in the back, or in storage boxes, depending on how much space you are working with.
3. Create faux built-ins.
You don’t have to spend a fortune to have it look like a closet expert came into your space and did a complete remodel.
4. Cubbies are great for storing tees and sweaters. 
We love that instead of drawers, Song stores her tees and sweaters in little cubbies, all perfectly stacked. The great thing? Cubbies like this are an inexpensive storage solution.
5. Have your favorite items easily accessible. 
You want to have easy access to your favorite items, you’re going to be pulling them a lot, something that Song clearly kept in mind when organizing her closet.
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