5 Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands You Need to Know About

Kristen Bateman

Minimalist jewelry has been trending hard for quite some time now. We like to think it’s because you almost can’t go wrong with delicate hoops, thin stacked rings, and geometric pieces, no matter what else you’re wearing.

Another benefit: You can endlessly stack and layer pieces without ever looking overdone. Fifteen silver rings tends to feel like just the right amount, while tiny, almost-invisible studs look better by the droves.

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There’s just something very cool about wearing jewelry that’s so small, people have to look twice to notice it. That may be part of the popularity of it all, too: Minimalist pieces have become many a woman’s signature jewelry, since the simplistic designs pair with almost everything. Think of it as the accessory world’s version of the little black dress.

Luckily, since the trend has caught on, there are tons of brands making chic, affordable pieces for the masses. Click through the gallery to see five of our favorites.

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