The Best Affordable, Under-$100 Jewelry to Shop Now

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Affordable Jewelry
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Generally speaking, jewelry falls in two camps: costume, or the real deal. And while we’d love to stock up on the expensive stuff all day long, I almost—almost—prefer the cheap kind. Hear me out: These days, you don’t have to worry so much about it turning your ears (or fingers, or neck) all sorts of green, and if you lose an earring (and I always lose an earring), it’s not the end of the world.

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In fact, the merits of cheap jewelry, or as we prefer to call it, affordable jewelry, fall beyond its price tag: Not only can you find on-trend pieces like delicate chain chokers, geometric bracelets, and those hoop earrings you keep seeing all over Instagram—all of which fall under the $100 market—but sometimes, they look just as good, if not better than the pricy stuff. Ahead, we found 21 pieces of affordable jewelry that clock in under a Franklin. (And yes, jewelry makes a wonderful present should you still need gift ideas, but no shame if you end up keeping these babies for yourself.)

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Drift/Riot Talula Earrings, $45; at Drift/Riot

Photo: Drift/Riot

Brandy Melville Gold Rhinestone Ring, $6; at Brandy Melville

Photo: Brandy Melville

Need Supply Rosa Drop Earrings, $28; at Need Supply

Photo: Need Supply

Aklie Gold Bracelet, $35; at Rue Gembon

Photo: Rue Gembon

Laura Lombardi Anella Earrings, $64; at Laura Lombardi

Photo: Laura Lombardi

Missguided Rope Chain Necklace, $14.40; at Missguided

Photo: Missguided

Oak + Fort Eatting G21, $18; at Oak + Fort

Photo: Oak + Fort

River Island Star Drop Pendant Necklace, $15.50; at ASOS

Photo: ASOS

Jack + G Loopdie Earring, $26; at Catbird

Photo: Catbird

Consider the Wldflwrs Basic Bar Tag, $40; at Consider the Wildflwrs

Photo: Consider the Wldflwrs

Coquette Ear Hugger, $34; at Catbird

Photo: Catbird

COS Ring With Moveable Bead, $9; at COS

Photo: COS

Club Monaco Evening Tassel Earrings, $69.50; at Club Monaco

Photo: Club Monaco

2-Pack Necklaces in Silver, $7.99; at H&M

Photo: H&M

Mejuri Boheme Breeze Ear Buff, $27; at Mejuri

Photo: Mejuri

Morning Ritual Jewelry Mies Block Necklace, $60; at Lou & Grey

Photo: Lou & Grey

Tarin Thomas Jane Cuff, $48; at Tarin Thomas

Photo: Tarin Thomas

Winden Anna Earring, $85; at Winden

Photo: Winden

Alexandra Choker, $39; at Wolf Circus

Photo: Wolf Circus

Zara Studio Hoop Earrings, $22.90; at Zara

Photo: Zara

Forever 21 Curb Chain Bracelet, $7.90; at Forever 21

Photo: Forever 21

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