8 Great Sites to Find Affordable Home Decor

Kristen Bousquet
8 Great Sites to Find Affordable Home Decor
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Whether you’re moving into a new place or just redecorating your current pad, catering to your unique style is a must in your home.

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The problem? Sprucing up a home gets expensive. Between furniture, lamps, bedding, decorations and more, it’s easy to empty out your bank account just redecorating a single room.

Luckily, there are some seriously affordable home decor sites to shop at where you can redecorate your entire house for the price of one room at a luxury home decor shop!

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We’ve gathered some of our favorite home decor shops that are totally affordable and carry some seriously in style home accents and more. Click through the slideshow to check them out now!

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Dormify: No, you don't have to be a college student to shop at Dormify. Even if you're a working professional, you'll love the prices of all the trendy items on Dormify. Especially if you're living in a big city (read: small apartment), you'll appreciate all the tips this site has for living compact.

Cotton On: Aside from super fashionable clothing, you can also shop for home accents at Cotton On. Everything from kitchen accessories to accents you can put just about anywhere, Cotton On is a great, affordable site for any lady on a budget.

Forever 21: We all appreciate Forever 21 for it's amazing price points when it comes to clothing and since just recently, we can appreciate them for their incredible price points on home decor as well! The site expanded and created a "Home & Gifts" section of the site where you can shop for anything from candles to pillows all at a price anyone can swing.

Remodo: In terms of being affordable, Remodo is just on the edge. Their furniture is very high quality so it's a bit more on the expensive side, but their home accessories are at a fair price that we can totally pay for the amazing items they sell. Basically, Remodo is the place to go for all the amazing home decor items that you see all over Pinterest!

Etsy: Of course, Etsy may seem like the obvious place to shop for handmade jewelry and vintage clothing, but you can totally find some great deals for your home through Etsy. Much of the items are handmade but can still be purchased at a price that you and your wallet will love!

Urban Outfitters: We appreciate all the amazing clothing and accessories that Urban Outfitters had for sale, but their "Apartment" section literally had the potential to empty our wallets. From artsy tapestries to cool lighting, Urban Outfitters is the spot to find unique and interesting home decor to spice up your pad.

ModCloth: The popular vintage-y clothing site has more to offer than amazing clothing. It's "Home & Gifts" section is seriously life-saving. From architecturally-pleasing picture frames to chic cups and salt & pepper shakers, ModCloth has a HUGE section of incredibly affordable things to decor your digs with.

IKEA: Obviously, this list wouldn't be complete without the all mighty IKEA. Seriously, if you're looking for affordable furniture and accessories, this is the spot to check first. The Swedish retailer has some of the most affordable and interesting items out there!

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