Aerin Lauder’s Top 5 Decor Rules To Live By

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16 17 Aerin Lauders Top 5 Decor Rules To Live By
We’ll be the first to admit that we have a bit of a girl crush on Aerin Lauder. As the founder of lifestyle brand AERIN, Style and Image Director at Estée Lauder (she’s the granddaughter of the beauty industry icon), and a mom to two, Lauder seems to do it all, while looking utterly chic at every turn.
Her latest endeavor? Her just-released tome dedicated to décor and entertaining, Beauty At Home. Lauder gives readers a personal tour of her home in East Hampton, Manhattan, and her New York City office. Her recently remodeled library (pictured below), decorated in collaboration with Jacques Grange, is just a taste of the immaculate spaces in Lauder’s world.
Here, some of Lauder’s top décor tips to live by. Take notes!
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1. Comfort Is Everything. “The element of comfort…I consider to be of the utmost importance,” Lauder says. Opt for items for your home that are both beautiful and functional.
2. Play With Color. “Estée loved to play with color, in particular blue and white, which was her favorite combination. Blue and white have become part of my design DNA—and now I’ve incorporated that motif into my own design, both personally and professionally.”
3. Mix and Match. “Why can’t an elaborately carved and gilded 18th-century French mirror (which used to hang in Estée’s dining room) coexist with a contemporary blue-tiled coffee table? Both have great shape and style. But it’s the contrast that makes you look at them in a new way.”
4. When In Doubt Add Flowers. “Fresh flowers are one of my basic pleasures. A little plant from the corner deli to a beautiful orchid, and everything in between… It’s nice to have that bit of life in a room.”
5. Go For Gold. “It’s fun to change from bright summery hues to something richer, and fall is the perfect time to use gold as an accent whenever possible.” We particularly love that gold has become a neutral color in Lauder’s various homes.
“Beauty At Home” By Aerin Lauder, $60,
Photographs Courtesy of Simon Upton/Potter Style
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