I’m Obsessed With These Fuzzy Aerie Joggers—& They’re About To Be On Sale

Bella Gerard
I’m Obsessed With These Fuzzy Aerie Joggers—& They’re About To Be On Sale
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Gerard; Adobe.

We all know what it’s like to find a pair of sweatpants you really, truly love. You could have five, ten, even 15 other pairs in your closet, and you end up wearing just your ride-or-dies on repeat. I’m excited to announce that I’ve found a brand-new forever fave, and discovering the Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Joggers is literally the best thing that’s happened to me all year. Granted, that’s a pretty easy achievement to win, given the year it’s been, but still! These pants are bomb.

Ever since March, I’ve been shopping sweatpants on the hunt for the perfect pair. I wanted something as versatile as my favorite black leggings, but as comfortable as my coziest college PJs. It seemed like every brand under the sun was dropping loungewear left and right, but I stuck to my tried and true fave, Aerie, and boy, did it pay off.

I’ve had a few different love affairs with various Aerie joggers, but none compare to the fairly-new Cozy Good Vibes Joggers. The silhouette? Perfect. The texture? Divine. The color options? Abundant! I was pleased as could be when I first tried them on, but now that I’ve kept them on my body for a continuous two weeks, I’m ready to explain ~in depth~ just why I love them so much.

STYLECASTER | Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Jogger Review

Courtesy of Aerie.

If you live under a very uncomfortable rock, you might not have noticed that sherpa is trending this season. Fuzzy, fluffy fabrics are in, and while Aerie does have a classic sherpa jogger (which, yes, I also own) I find myself preferring the Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Joggers more.

These have a super-soft feel and unique fleece texture that resembles sherpa, but unlike the real thing, they doesn’t make me overheat a mere .5 seconds after putting them on. My beloved joggers are warm and snuggly, but they’re also thin, and I mean that in a really, really good way. I can cuddle up under a blanket at home or style them with a warm coat and Doc Martens to run around NYC, and I’m just warm enough without feeling too bundled.

STYLECASTER | Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Joggers Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

Oh, and did I mention that these aren’t too tight on my hips?? I wear a size large, and unlike so many other sweats that fit my smaller waist perfectly and everything else terribly, these have enough room for my bum and thighs, so I don’t get that awkward too-tight pulling at my hips.

I’m a big fan of this year’s neutral aesthetic trend, so my sweats in the Beach More colorway are a personal favorite, but these pants actually come in six different shades, including an icy blue and a poppy rose. Yes, I’ve already added a few more colors to my cart!

They also have a matching top, the Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Oversized Sweatshirt. My only complaint with this baby is that it’s hella long, but the side slits allow me to tuck the front into my joggers and let the back hang out, so all in all, it works out, and they look cute AF paired together.

STYLECASTER | Aerie Cozy Good Vibes Jogger Review

Courtesy of Aerie.

Would I recommend you buy these joggers? Easy—yes. In fact, I’d suggest them as gifts to any of your loungewear-loving loved ones this holiday season. I mean, we all know Aerie’s Black Friday sale is going to be bomb, so if you plan on shopping sweats, add the Cozy Good Vibes Joggers to your cart and enjoy their soft, fleece-y goodness all winter long.

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