Adrian Grenier Thinks Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Promotes Inequality

Leah Bourne
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Apparently Adrian Grenier—most famous for appearing in HBO’s bro show”Entourage”—thinks that Instagram is reinforcing social inequalities, and he’s using Kim Kardashian to prove it.

Recently, the actor posted a photo of Kardashian next to a painting by Spanish artist Leonardo Alena titled “Maja Dormida” from the 19th century, along with a link to an article that appeared on Artnet titled “Ways Of Seeing Instagram”.

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Photo: Via Instagram

Grenier points out in his post that Instagram “confirms class structure and distracts us from our true goals of equality and spiritual alignment with the true political needs of justice, free from the oppression of capitalism.”

The article he links to, meanwhile, looks at how images function in society, comparing photo-sharing on Instagram to classic art history, and arguing that most of society is left pining for a life that they don’t have thanks to images like the ones posted by the famous reality star.

The real question is, since when has Grenier become so concerned with class inequalities? Yes, Grenier uses social media to promote environmental and social causes, but he isn’t afraid to use social media to show off his swanky celebrity life, either. On July 14, for instance, he shared a picture of himself driving behind the wheel of a Jaguar. “Grabbing a bite at #lobsterroll before I peel out in this beast #FTYPECoupe @JaguarUSA #burningrubber,” he wrote.

Sure, Kardashian’s Instagram feed can at times feel like an obnoxious and out of touch display of consumption, but Grenier might want to look inwards before he criticizes others. Just saying.