Former Entourage star Adrian Grenier develops an iPad App for fans

Adrian Grenier Follows Ashton Kutcher Into The Tech World

Summer K

919262811 Adrian Grenier Follows Ashton Kutcher Into The Tech World

While most actors would live off the fat from TV syndication deals and occasional celebrity DJ appearances, former Entourage star Adrien Grenier is going the geek chic route and has developed a new iPad app for his fans.

The sometimes hipster/documentary film maker/producer has been working with app company Mobovivo to create the ultimate one-stop shop for people interested in following his projects.”By engaging with fans directly, producers can be truly independent in their film-making, including financial autonomy and, moreover, create the type of movie experience that fans really want,” the actor said in a statement.

Frankly, although we’re doubtful that there are millions of celebrity stalkers out there desperate to find out what Grenier had for breakfast or what happened at his latest pitch meeting, we like the idea of celebrities taking ownership of their image and actually using their brains and NOT their looks to further their impact in the digital world.

And while Ashton Kutcher has become the poster child for a new league of Internet-savvy stars (for both good and bad reasons), it’s notables like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his hitReCord project and Zoe Saldana‘s IMDB for the fashion set that have us hoping more Hollywood types embrace the technology age and truly run with it.