Adidas Originals invites girls to get creative with the White Space Project.

Attention Creative Ladies: Adidas Originals Wants You To Get Your Art On!

Monica Burton

Adidas has been known to break out with some seriously creative collaborations as of late, and now their sister label adidas Originals is looking to pass on the creativity torch (so to speak) to girls across the globe with their upcoming White Space Project.

Nine cities will provide the stage for the #WSP (that’s Twitter lingo for the White Space Project) where the most creative ladies will do their thing for the classic sneaker company.

On adidas Originals’ official tumblr, you’ll find cool short videos of young women explaining how they get their creativity on, from photography to design to even cooking (yum!). But only a select few will win the white space needed to carry out their oh-so-original creative visions. For each city, you can go ahead and vote for the girl whose project you like the best to be seen and adored by other local art fans in your hometown.

When you head over to that adidas Orginals tumblr page, definitely check out one talented White Space Project Original winner from Taiwan who used the adidas Originals collection as inspiration for outfits for one of those adorably creepy Blythe dolls.

For those of you out in Greece, voting starts tonight so be sure to peruse all the unique creative ideas from the gals out there (who knows, maybe you’ll even know one of them!).

While we’ve got our fingers crossed that the White Space Project will hopefully make its way to New York, check out this cute lil’ intro video down below and be inspired to come up with your own original project idea!

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