Adi Heyman

Adi Heyman Style Profile

@fabologist (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

Adi Heyman’s popular Instagram account description reads: #CheersToModestFashion. Modesty is a guiding principle for both the 33-year-old’s personal style and her Jewish lifestyle website Fabologie, which she launched in 2012. Yet she never compromises on the chic factor—Heyman’s picked up thousands and thousands of fans with her inspired, eclectic, and unfussy look. “My approach: If it’s not interesting, I am not interested,” she says.

What’s your approach to dressing?
I stick to my modest agenda, and within these guidelines, it becomes a fun challenge to synthesize individual aesthetic with prevailing trends. I love layering unique pieces, working with a vintage or multicultural, even masculine, vibe. I often create an outfit, glance in the mirror, realize it’s the expected approach or pairing, and then rehash the look to add an element of individualism. Fashion is a portal of self-expression, and I truly enjoy it. Pushing myself creatively is always a challenge. 

What inspires your style?
I’m influenced by the great icons, from Diana Vreeland to Carrie Bradshaw, who embody an organic, effortless notion of style. I’m influenced by travels and exposure to different cultures and motifs. I’m influenced by the European labels like Valentino, Gucci, Céline, and Chloé and their polished discretion in design that has translated to modern modesty. My love for history has made vintage fashion a huge influence in my life—the craftsmanship, the influence of era, the evolution and revolution of fashion is incredible. 

How would you define New York City style?
Like the people of this fabulous city, fashion is also a melting pot. New Yorkers have a strong sense of self, and this translates to fashion. 

What are some of your favorite stores and restaurants in the city?
I love old-school New York. Coffee shops like Sant Ambroeus or Via Quadronno are my morning ritual. There are a plethora of kosher restaurants in NYC—Peace Food Cafe and Noi Due are great.

Shopping-wise, New York Vintage, Bergdorf Goodman, and Fivestory. These shops all offer a top-notch selection in their own markets.   

Is there a piece of clothing or an accessory you never leave home without?
Sunglasses. Day to day, my look is typically easy and fuss-free. Statement sunglasses elevate the most mundane ensemble.