Adele Fans Are Convinced The Singer Is Coming Out With New Music Soon

Photo: Getty Images.

Ah Instagram, the source of all of our information these days. Fans are convinced Adele is coming out with new music tomorrow, and we are now beyond hopeful this is true. Apparently, the singer allegedly made the announcement on Instagram and now fans have grasped on to this one grain of hope, praying it will be true. At some point earlier this week, a screenshot of a picture Adele supposedly posted on her social media page began circulating on the internet. It was a photo of a beige square with the date 6/21 in bold numbers. Naturally, fans are legit flipping out over this potential announcement. Many of our favorite artists have been busy releasing new music—Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Jonas Brothers, etc—so we wouldn’t be surprised to learn Adele is jumping on that bandwagon. And…now, we’re just hazarding a guess here, but we think it might be safe to say this next album will simply be called, “31.” All of the soulful singer’s albums have been named after the age she was when she wrote the music. An exact time stamp of where she was in her life.

Naturally, fans are emotionally prepping for the absolute wreckage we’re sure to endure while listening to Adele’s music. You need a good cry? Adele. You’re in love? Adele. You hate somebody? Adele. You miss your significant other? Adele. You’re having a low-key swanky party? Adele. You’re at work secretly listening to music through your AirPods? Adele. You’re flying to space? Adele. You meet some aliens who want to kill you? Adele. The options are endless and the answer is always Adele.

Unfortunately, we’re skeptical and not entirely convinced this is real. In fact, it may be a hoax from one of the cruelest, most manipulative people out on the internet! Because unfortunately, none of Adele’s social media gives any hint about tomorrow. Nor does it include any trace of that beige square. In fact, the last thing she posted was this amazing slideshow of photos from her Spice Girls concert.

And as for Twitter? Well, the “Make You Feel My Love” singer hasn’t tweeted since December 2018, so there aren’t any clues there. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! We’re guessing some die-hard fans will wait up tonight, anticipating a midnight release. Fingers crossed they’re pleasantly surprised! But we’ll be sleeping soundly knowing this probably isn’t gonna happen TBH.


adelefingers Adele Fans Are Convinced The Singer Is Coming Out With New Music Soon