Fans Are Convinced Adele’s New Album Is On Its Way Thanks to This YouTube Clue

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage.

We’ve been waiting five years for this! Fans are finally getting ready to say “Hello” to new music after stumbling across an Adele new album 2020 clue sitting right on the artist’s YouTube page this week. While it doesn’t appear to be an intentional hint, it’s entirely possible that this interesting find is all the proof we need that there’s a new single, or possibly an entire record, already on its way.

Head over to Adele’s YouTube page, and you’ll find this sneaky hint. Fans clocked it after seeing that the 31-year-old singer’s channel lists “13 Videos” in its upper description—yet if you take a look at the total number of videos uploaded publically, there are only 12.

“A new video was uploaded today on Adele’s official YouTube channel. The video is not publicly available. #A4,” Twitter fan account @adeledailynet wrote. When one Twitter user tried to debunk this discovery, the @adeledailynet account claimed they’d actually been checking Adele’s YouTube page religiously for hints.

“Those 13 videos have been there since like forever if I remember correctly, I think,” wrote the user, to which @adeledailynet replied, “They’re not. We’re checking everyday since October.”

As far as we can see, 2015’s “Hello” is the last video shared to the page. But if we’re going by what this Twitter fan account suggests, then it’s possible this number fiasco proves there’s already one more video queued up on Adele’s account. The only question that remains now, however, is when it will be released?

Adele has kept her fans on their toes over the past year, with reports of new music on the way cropping up seemingly every few months. Maybe we’re just being hopeful, or maybe her recent announcement of a collaboration with Nicki Minaj coupled with this latest hint is enough to finally confirm #A4.

Until we know, it’s best we keep our eyes peeled for more Adele new music theories. At least we know fans will always keep those coming!