Adele and Kelly Osbourne Look *So* Different in This Throwback Pic

Adele and Kelly Osbourne Look *So* Different in This Throwback Pic
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Back in the day, indeed. Kelly Osbourne posted a pic of herself and Adele “starting a conga line” 10 years ago, and illustrated how much things change in a full decade. When Osbourne was 22 and Adele was just 18 years old, they apparently hosted an event together, and Osbourne got a weird craving to parade it on Instagram last night, for some reason.

#TBT2007 of me & @adele hosting/starting a conga line at @bbcradio1#BigDayOut! #BackInTheDay,” Osbourne wrote. This was in the era when Osbourne had jet-black hair and affinity for red plastic-framed sunglasses, and Adele had super long hair (and an affinity for wearing her sunglasses on the top of her head). Don’t ask what the guy in the foreground is doing, because there is truly no explanation for that one.

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Adele went on to be one of the most famous singers of our time. Back in 2007, she had just released her first major hit, “Hometown Glory,” which led to a Critics Choice Award win at the BRITs.

This was long before anyone had won any Grammys. It’s always fun to see stars before they were major celebrities—the real question is, though: How does Adele feel about this throwback pic? From what we know about the laid-back star, she probably loves it.

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