Fans Invite Adele to Their Montana Wedding, She Says Yes

We all know Adele is chill AF, but she might’ve just topped herself. At a recent show in Los Angeles, she pulled the cutest couple onstage, only to be invited to their impending nuptials—and she said yes!

Here’s how it all went down. First off, Adele apparently brought Vince Rossi, 25, and Ryan Salonen, 26, up to the stage because she admired their sick dance moves. “The reason I spotted you was because you were dancing literally like there was no one else here,” she told them. When she asked them where they’re from, Ryan mentioned that he’s from Montana—a state Adele happened to not be able to place on the map. Gotta love Adele—she literally doesn’t know where Montana is.

Ryan told her it was “right next door” to Washington, “not in the south, not in the Midwest,” and that “we’re getting married there next September.” Vince added, “Want to come?” And Adele responded, “I would love to come.” Cue the audience losing its collective mind.

Then the three of them had a little lovefest. “We said before the show—this is so weird, because I had a dream this would happen, I’m not kidding,” Vince said, “I said, ‘If we see Adele, if we go up there, I want her to come to the wedding, as a guest.”

“My tour should be over by then, so—yeah, so I’ll come,” Adele said.

“What’s your rate?” Ryan asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it for free,” she said. Then they selfie’d it out, obviously.

After all of the excitement, the couple filmed themselves in a little selfie video. “Literally can’t believe this night—it’s so insane,” Vince said. “We’re literally speechless … I just wanted to document this moment, because this is, like, such a life moment, and we asked Adele to come to our wedding and she said yes!” Life moment! “And, you know, I mean, if she does, amazing, and if she doesn’t, like, she’s a busy woman, clearly.”

Here’s the whole exchange, which is oddly touching and totally worth five minutes of your time. Watch it all the way through. You won’t regret it.