Addison Rae & Bryce Hall Just Broke Up After Rumors He Cheated on Her

Addison Rae, Bryce Hall
Photo: RCF & Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection.

Calling it quits. Addison Rae and Bryce Hall’s cheating drama has caused the notoriously on-again, off-again couple to break up again, E! News reports.

For now, a source tells E! that the exes are both “very busy concentrating on their careers.” According to another insider who spoke to Us Weekly, Addison was the one to break things off this time. “Addison broke up with Bryce,” the source said. “She feels that he has a lot of growing up to do and that he brings too much drama into her life. They’re so on and off though, so don’t be surprised if they get back together at some point.”

News of the TikTok couple’s latest split first broke on Tuesday, March 23, after Addison, 20, seemingly confirmed the breakup herself during an interview with Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe. The TikTok star was opening up about her debut single, “Obsessed,” when she appeared to refer to Bryce, 21, as her “ex-boyfriend.” She told Lowe, “I was driving right before the studio, I had dropped off my ex-boyfriend—my boyfriend at the time—I dropped him off at his house.” Addison continued, explaining the inspiration behind her song’s name: “He looked at me and was like, ‘I’m obsessed with you.’ And I was like, ‘Me too.'”

Was it a slip of the tongue, or a subtle confirmation? Either way, fans took to social media in a frenzy over Addison’s comment, as it came just weeks after Bryce was accused of cheating on her during a trip to Las Vegas in February 2021. A YouTuber, KeemStar, claimed to have evidence that Bryce cheated on Addison with a woman during his vacation, but the former Sway House member took to Twitter to deny the rumor on March 1. “I didn’t cheat on Addison,” he wrote at the time.

While Bryce has yet to comment directly on their split, he did take to Twitter to seemingly address Addison’s “ex-boyfriend” comment. He tweeted, “the petty is real,” shortly after her interview with Zane Lowe aired.

The former TikTok couple dated on-and-off since September 2019. In November 2020, Addison addressed their notoriously rocky relationship with a video posted to YouTube, where she walked fans through the timeline of their romance before confirming that they were together again. Clearly, this reunion was short-lived—and only time will tell if this latest split is, too.

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