Add Some Color To Your Accessories Game With…Duct Tape?

Susie G

The spring 2012 season is literally around the corner which means it’s time to say goodbye to all your dark and dreary winter clothes and tchotchkes, and get ready to put some color back into your fashion game for the months ahead.

As far as spring trends go, neons still seem to be hot, especially when color-blocking is involved with contrasting dark, bold hues. Plus, the 90s cyber-rage-grunge trend still seems to be around, so a hodge-podge of bright colors, graphics and patterns are totally kosher just as long as you don’t half-ass it. This means that if you’re going to do a trend motif (neons, color-blocking, floral prints, pastels, polka dots and the like), you better do it right and go. All. The Way.

To help give you that edge, it’s important to not overlook the little details, like your accessories. From the shoes on your feet, to that bag on your shoulder, it’s these little outfit staples that help make a head-to-toe ensemble look flawless.

One accessory I’ve managed to recently discover are these colorful, custom-made rings on etsy, constructed with the help of one of my favorite household items, duct tape. Dreamed up by the label Quiet Mischief and Company run by Michele Howarth, these textured pieces of finger flair come in all sorts of colors, combos and prints.

The real icing on the cake is the price tag that comes along with these babies, ranging from $7 to $35. And if you’re looking for more duct tape accessories, be sure to check out the etsy shop’s floral-inspired hair clips which make a perfect addition for any spring formal hairdo.

Who knew that duct tape could ever look this fashionable?

[via Laughing Squid]