Adam Levine Talks Sex (And Not With Us)

Spencer Cain

The Howard Stern Show is a black hole for all celebrities. Even if you seem to have it relatively together in public otherwise, Howard will undoubtedly bring out the worst in you. And by the worst, I of course mean the best. Remember David Arquette‘s embarrassing over sharing following his separation from Courteney Cox? Or how about massive tool Brett Ratner‘s explicit accounts of shtooping Lindsay Lohan and Olivia Munn?

Anyway, when nudist of the year Adam Levine stopped by, Howard inquired as to his birth control method of choice with his stunning model girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna. Apparently, Adam is more old fashioned than we thought, and opts for “a fool-proof birth control system,” known to many as the “pull-out method.” Oy. I can’t condone this, kids, but Adam can really do no wrong. I just hope they’re being sort of careful. I don’t know if the world is ready for such attractive offspring.

Personally, my favorite part of the interview was when Anne came out of the green room to chat about her and Adam’s courtship. This is no surprise, but “he thought I was a stuck-up b*tch and I kind of thought he was a d*****bag musician,” she says. Sigh. These two will really make you believe in love.

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