Adam Levine Never Met A Naked He Didn’t Like

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Adam Levine Never Met A Naked He Didn’t Like
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We’re constantly conflicted when it comes to Maroon 5 lead singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine. Sure, he seem like a nice (hot) guy we could totally go for drinks with and trade dirty jokes ’round the table, but then again, he’s been rumored to trade “the dirty” with more than a few ladies (famous or otherwise) in his day. On top of that, he goes and dates a really hot Russian model (very original, dude).

But he’s so frickin’ cute and so frickin’ funny, and totally unafraid to call out Christina Aguilera when she’s being obnoxious, or shoot down Blake Shelton when he not-so-subtly declares country music world domination. Oh, and he plays the drums too — ’nuff said.

Honestly, we’ve never seen a guy so comfortable in his own skin. In fact, he’s so comfortable, he’s all about being naked at every given opportunity. It’s not like we’re complaining or anything — if we had it our way, every round of The Voice would be played like a game of strip poker — Adam loses a contestant to another judge, and off comes a belt, sock or other unmentionables. (Which so far this season means we’d at least have him down to skivvies.)

So without further ado, let us present a (NSFW) slideshow review of Adam’s many clothing-free moments in music history. He may have moves like Jagger, but he definitely doesn’t have the bod of the 68-year-old that goes along with it.

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Maybe it's time to rethink our view on whitie tighties...

Arrested for public nudity again? I thought we talked about that.

This ad for prostate prevention appeared in Cosmo UK last spring. (And yes, that's Adam's GF's hands -- must have been a fun photo shoot!)

From prostate prevention to naked pictorials for the cover of Vogue Russia.

Adam performing shirtless -- been there, done that.

Lyrics or commentary on something else entirely? (Hmm...)

Shirtless for Out magazine. (OK fine, we love you. Satisfied?!?)

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