From Adam Levine To Jared Leto: Anne V. Is One Lucky Girl

Spencer Cain

fullres 2 690x480 From Adam Levine To Jared Leto: Anne V. Is One Lucky GirlSome girls just have all the luck. And let me tell you, that bothers me. Nonetheless, it’s a cruel world and I can’t deny the fact that some people are just more genetically blessed than others. This is the case for Anne Vyalitsyna, or “Anne V.” as she is known in the media because apparently journalists are too lazy to spell words out that really aren’t that complicated to begin with. Moving on…

Up until a few months ago, Anne was hot and heavy with Maroon 5 frontman, The Voice host and arguably the most attractive man currently residing on Earth — Adam Levine. They split over undisclosed reasons, but my guess is that they were both pretty crazy and the hot make-up sex wasn’t enough to keep their relationship afloat. Anyway, obviously she moved on pretty fast because there is a blaze of reports stating that she is reportedly now with Jared Leto.

I haven’t written about Jared Leto in awhile so if you’re new to the site, you probably don’t know that I’m one step away from making a doll out of the hair from his drain. The two were seen cuddling at the Chateau Marmont, which basically means you’re engaged in Hollywood terms.

Blah. I’m having a craptastic day and this just makes it that much worse.

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