Adam Lambert Album Cover Released


I know what I’m being for Halloween: American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, as seen in his fabulous new album cover. He looks amazing. With Hot Topic-blue hair and the perfect “smoky eyes” we all request at M.A.C. (but never turns out right), Lambert is bringing back glam-rock. We appreciate the gloved-tribute to Uncle Karl, and marvel at his interpretation of Zoolander‘s Blue Steel.

While it may be hard to achieve the same level of perfection that is His Skin, this costume can be done an hour before your Halloween party. Print above picture, bring it to Sephora and tell them to make you look like Lambert. Practice your head tilt while in the makeup chair. The galaxy background will be hard to reproduce, so just buy a bag of glitter and throw it everywhere. The album is appropriately titled “For Your Entertainment,” which we translate into “best Halloween EVER.”

(Editors note: It’s impossible to make fun of someone channeling Bowie circa 1972.)

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