Actress Julianne Michelle Talks High Heels, Style Mistakes, and Horror Movie Makeup

Spencer Cain

 Actress Julianne Michelle Talks High Heels, Style Mistakes, and Horror Movie Makeup

Julianne Michelle may be an up and coming actress—her 3D horror film costarring Mischa Barton “Apartment 1303 3D” is released this week, and she’s starring in a psychological thriller called “Awakened” alongside Edward Furlong that’s out next year—but she already has quite a resume. Appearing in numerous films and TV shows since she was six, it’s safe to say that she definitely knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

We caught up with Michelle to chat about everything from her her spooky onset experiences to her teenage fashion faux pas—which she now thinks are scarier than a horror movie! Read on for more.

StyleCaster: Tell us about “Apartment 1303 3D.”
Julianne Michelle: It’s a different kind of horror film. There are parts that are scary, and there’s humor throughout. My character Janet is this intrepid young girl who leaves home where she was living with her mom and sister. She moves into her first apartment in Detroit, and she’s excited to be leaving the controlling grip of her alcoholic mom and that’s when very strange things begin to happen.

What was it like working on a horror film?
“Apartment 1303 3D” was the first horror film that I did and that was an interesting experience. I’ve done dramas, comedies, and I love everything. There’s something that’s really interesting about doing a drama and having a challenging character. I love a challenging role. Everything is great. Comedy is equally as challenging and that’s a whole lot of fun.

What is the makeup process like on a horror film?
It’s certainly longer than usual!  I had a lot of black and blue bruises all over me at some points. It was just basically applying bruises and coloring my arms and legs a little. The main issue is continuity. You have to make sure each shot matches. If we film on a different day, you have to make sure everything is all set—and that all your bruises look the same. We have a whole water color palette to make them look realistic. It’s like painting—they just mix the colors until they find the right shade!

You also cohost a discussion show called “The Di Palma Forum” where celebrities discuss national issues. How do you feel about TV compared to film?
I find the TV show a little bit more challenging because with film, you have a script you go by so you just say your lines and perfect your character and all that. With a script, you feel fixed in a way. When you’re on a show it’s really all up to you. You have to keep the energy level high and stay engaged. You have to interject with stimulating comments. We have some guidelines to try to make the show entertaining, though.

How was working with your costars, like Mischa Barton? 
It was great! It was a lot of fun, but I had a lot of scenes alone so I didn’t have too much filming with her and Rebecca De Mornay, who plays my mother. Actually, Mischa and I don’t have any scenes together—but we were around each other several times on the set. A lot of the movie is my character alone in her apartment—experiencing the crazy things she’s going through with a ghost freaking her out every minute! Being on set was really creepy. The apartment itself was built on a soundstage, but made to look seriously real. While we were filming, I heard strange noises.

Obviously, we’ve all had fashion faux-pas. What are yours? 
When I was a teenager, I wore a lot of black. Yes, black is a universal color, but I wore all black—like I was into the goth and punk kind of thing. I would wear ugly black T-shirts paired with ugly black pants, and I just had no fashion sense whatsoever. I really can’t believe I wore that!

What’s one trend you see that you wish would go away?
The other day I was at an event—and let me tell you, I like wearing high heels. I do wear a lot of high heels, but I see some girls in maybe six or seven inch heels and I need to know how they walk in those! Wearing five inch heels feels different, I just mean these really really high shoes are crazy.

How do you maintain composure on a red carpet in the spotlight? How do you dress? 
I’m still trying to figure that out! I know the last thing I’d want is a wardrobe malfunction and for sure I’ve almost had a few of those! Just try to wear things that are flattering to your body and that are not going to fall down accidentally. That’s what I try to do. I wear safe things. Occasionally I’ve worn strapless dresses that can very well accidentally fall down, and I always find myself  pulling them up. Just be conscious of your body and wear things that flatter you!

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