Acne’s $3,000 Leather Overalls Are Actually Selling Out; Get the Look for Less

Perrie Samotin

leatheroveralls Acnes $3,000 Leather Overalls Are Actually Selling Out; Get the Look for Less

Let’s start out by getting two big facts out of the way: 1. We’re fully aware that anything made with high-quality leather is going to be expensive. 2. We love a good pair of overalls as much as the next gal.

Got that? Good. Now here’s another interesting fact: Ultra-hip Swedish label Acne released a pair of leather overalls that are nearly $2,700—and they’re selling out all over the place!

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Obviously, there are always going to be “It” pieces that folks covet, but we were pretty taken aback to see this particular item flying off shelves (and sites) when so many others exist at prices that are way more accessible. Yes, some pairs of similar overalls aren’t made from real leather, but the aesthetic is the same for a fairly trendy item that—let’s face it—most women probably don’t consider a timeless piece that they’ll be wearing into their golden years.

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In fact, we found a perfectly acceptable (faux leather) pair at Pixie Market for a mere $75, which means you can basically snag 36 pairs for the price of Acne’s leather pair—we did the math.

We’re aware that with fast-fashion clothing, you’re not getting the same level of craftsmanship or quality of fabrics, but hey: it looks the part! Not to mention, there are a gazillion other real-leather overalls that exist right now by a variety of designers that range from $200 to $1,000, making Acne’s price tag seem that much more exorbitant.

Check ’em out above and let us know: Would you buy Acne’s leather overalls?

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