According To Lara Stone, Lady Gaga Is NOT Sexy


Lara Stone has kind of created a niche for herself as the modern face of sexy, and now she’s calling out Lady Gaga on her lack of sex appeal.

As the face of Calvin Klein’s Naked Glamour campaign and a recurring presence in editorials that somehow manage to strike that difficult balance of fashion-forward and sexy, the evidence speaks for itself: Lara Stone knows sexy. So when the supermodel makes a call on someone else’s sex appeal, we feel obliged to listen — especially when said person is Lady Gaga.

In a recent interview with Stylist, Lara Stone said:

“Most people can be made to look beautiful someone can do your hair nice and put some make-up on but being sexy is something inside and not everybody has it. I don’t think I ever really had it, a lot of it is to do with confidence. Lady Gaga, for example, walking around in her bra and knickers and being really sexy but still she’s just not sexy at all, to me.”

First of all, she said knickers — adorable. Second of all, while I have to agree that Lady Gaga doesn’t always come across as sexy, I’m not sure if her costume of a bra and knickers (should I stop trying to make knickers happen?) is about sex appeal as much as it is about lampooning pop singers who regularly perform in that look.

What do you think StyleCasters — is this worth getting your knickers all in a bunch?

Photo: Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue France

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