Accessory Junkies Rejoice! Prada Jewelry Is Headed Our Way

Jessica Rubin

If you’re of the belief that everythingMiuccia Prada touches turns to gold, you are right. Our beloved Prada is adding jewelry to its long list of accomplishments, which are eagerly lapped up by the fashion collectors of the world. There are those of us who would be willing to do anything short of cutting off our own arm to get our hands on a supple leather Prada bag or a pair of glitter booties made famous by sister brand Miu Miu.

So naturally when WWD reported that come November, Prada will bestow gold, leather, crocodile and metallic studded confections upon the jewelry scene, we were as giddy as little tots on Christmas morning. Of course, like everything Prada does, your fashion joy will come with a price. The pieces start at $488. So either gaze longingly at the collection through the devastating barrier of a glass window, or start saving up now. Either way, we can’t wait to see the final product!