Academy Awards 2010: Liveblog!


6:09: Ryan Seacrest chats it up with Anna Kendrick from Up in the Air. Says she dumped her first dress and went for pink instead!

6:10: Mo’Nique joins the group. Wearing bright blue and a massive flower in her hair. Or pom poms? Not sure we’re digging the look…

6:17: Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon pop up on the red carpet. Mariah’s diamonds get caught on her dress. Ooops. Wardrobe malfunction.

6:26: Zoe Saldana looking stunning! Bling to the max and a gorgeous updo matching her lilac dress. Ryan and Zoe talk the making of Avatar. Can you teach us to speak Na’vi, Zoe?

6:27: Since when are Joel Madden and Nicole Richie Oscar red carpet regulars? Apparently Madden is DJing the show. Excited to see what he has planned for the set!

6:29: Vera Farmiga’s vote is for The Hurt Locker for Best Picture tonight. She’s wearing red carpet staple Marchesa with some serious magenta ruffles. Mixed feelings — what do you guys think?

6:35: Ryan Reynolds looking smoking as usual. Apparently he’s doing some major training for his upcoming film The Green Lantern— his trainer is turning him into “fine cottage cheese like pudding,” he says. Mmm sounds delicious, Ryan.

6:38: James Cameron on the red carpet! A little cheesy matching blue pocket square with wife’s dress. How very Na’vi of you James.

6:40: Ryan Seacrest brings up Cameron’s ex-wife’s nomination for The Hurt Locker (she apparently watched Avater 5 times). Way to make things awkward, Ryan.

6:41: Maggie Gyllenhaal always looks stunning– tonight’s choice: Dries van Noten. LOVED his recent fall 2010 collection, by the way. Good choice Maggie. We approve of the hot pink lipstick, too.

6:44: Tom Ford– swoon! What did he learn from making A Single Man? That your connections to other people in life are most important. We couldn’t agree more, Tom! Ryan asks what he’s wearing– is that even a question? A Tom Ford suit, duh!

6:49: Sigourney Weaver dons a one-shouldered red gown, belted with a black ribbon at the waist. She dishes that she learned how to pole dance for her next film, but she used a man instead of a pole. Hmm…not sure we needed to put that image in our heads.

6:51: TINA FEY! Blinged out in Michael Kors. Also doing the one-shouldered, belted look like Sigourney. Love the dress– hair, not our favorite.

6:56: E! hosts Jay and Giuliana discuss some of the best looks from the night so far. Carey Mulligan is looking stunning from afar in a strapless beaded Prada number. We hope Ryan gets a closer look on the red carpet.

6:58: Fashion darling Diane Kruger in a funky parted updo. Is that Chanel haute couture we spy?

6:59: The woman of the night– Sandra Bullock chats with Seacrest, finally. Apparently she’s sick of all the anticipation and plans on “poo pooing” everything. Nice. Sandra dishes that she’s scared by Lee Ann Tuohy, the real-life character she played in The Blind Side.

7:03: Amanda Seyfried, yet another actress stepping out in bling tonight. Armani Prive it is. Did she just make a joke that her dress is made of cellophane? Ahem, Amanda. We don’t joke about Armani and cellophane. Faux pas. But we’ll forgive you since you look gorg.

7:06: Jake Gyllenhaal is set to present an award for the night. He sends some brotherly love to Maggie on the red carpet. Will we see a few tears tonight from Jake if sis wins? He has always seemed like the sensitive type…Donnie Darko, anyone?

7:12: Oh, Miley. Some innocent flirtation with Ryan? Cute… She’s a bit nervous about a battle ensuing between her dress train and the stairs tonight during the show. We don’t wish any harm on you, Miley but that could make for a great Youtube vid. Just saying.

7:14: Wait, is that Miley’s mom? With wing tats? Eek… Now we know why this is maybe the first dress we’ve ever liked that Miley’s worn on a red carpet…


7:18: The Hurt Locker director, Kathryn Bigelow shows up to chat with Ryan Seacrest. She calls the experience of getting nominated “larger than life.” Whoa, Kathryn– unless you’re wearing stilts under that dress, you’re pretty larger than life yourself. Currently towering over Ryan…

7:20: Charlize Theron wears a purple Dior dress that puts a bit too much emphasis on the, ahem, chest area. Some serious ruching around her breasts, but if anyone can pull it off it’s probably Charlize. But it’s a little hard to focus on her face with all that action going on below the shoulder.

7:25: Matt Damon discusses his role as a rugby player in 2009’s Invictus. So the preparation for the film was more enjoyable than the actual filming, eh Matt? What, you don’t like getting beaten up every day on set? Shocking.

7:27: A Single Man‘s Colin Firth quote of the night “a foolish consistency is the hob goblin of little minds.” So British. So adorable.

7:31: Queen Latifah steps up to the spotlight. Looking gorgeous in a figure-hugging pink and bejeweled gown.

7:32: Meryl Streep in the house! Looking classy as ever in a white long-sleeved dress with a sexy deep v-neck that doesn’t look too innapropriate for her age. She kind of runs away from Seacrest, but dishes that she’s been nominated 17 times!

7:33: Rachel McAdams’ watercolor print strapless dress by Elie Saab is beyond.

7:34: J.Lo…is that bubble wrap you’re wearing?

7:38: Is it just me, or did Keanu Reeves drop some serious lbs?

7:38: The Twilight crew has officially arrived on the red carpet! Kristen Stewart, looking a bit more feminine than usual in a blue strapless gown. Will Ryan snag a Rob/Kristen interview on the red carpet? Eagerly anticipating.

7:40: Waaiit a minute. Colin Firth’s quote officially gets one-upped. Who knew Precious star Gabourey Sidibe was funny: “If fashion is porn then this dress is the money shot.” Yes, she said it. Love her!

7:43: Robert Downey Jr. looks kind of adorable in blue bow tie and nerdy glasses. Newsflash: Possible next role for the actor? Apparently Ozzy Osbourne wants Downey Jr. to play him in a movie. We say, keep dreaming, Ozzy man. No one could play you better than yourself.

7:49: Gerard Butler looks dashing tonight– Ryan throws him under the bus and lets his secret go that he has a small dog. Shocking! As long as he doesn’t carry it around in a man purse, we’re okay with it.

7:52: Kate Winslet in gorgeous silver strapless plus perfect accessories! She never fails us.

7:54: Lead Actor nominee Jeff Bridges stops by to chat with Seacrest. Will Bridges take down Clooney for the gold? What do you guys think?

7:58: Cameron Diaz steps up to talk with Seacrest last minute just before the show starts. She’s following in the footsteps of all the blinged-out ladies tonight. Always with a smile on her face.

7:59: Chris Pine closes out Seacrest’s red carpet interviews– switching over to ABC! Pine blames his lateness on his mom and her photograph taking. We know the feeling all too well…

8:02: Lots of pinks, purples, and metallics seem to be a trend so far on the red carpet.

8:04: Sandra Bullock is back in the hotseat, looking stunning in her embellished Marchesa gown. Pulls out the clich “you just got to enjoy the ride,” quote, but she says the first thing she’ll gorge on after the show is a big, juicy burger. Our kinda girl!

8:06: Kathy Ireland’s over enthusiasm may or may not be terrifying us right now…Zac Efron is covering up his fear nicely, we have to say.

8:13: Okay, we’re rethinking previous comments on J.Lo’s “bubble wrap” dress. It’s a bit poofy, yes, but when has Jennifer ever not made a statement on the red carpet? We have to give it to her– she looks beautiful.

8:15: SJP divulges about first ever Oscar gown– Calvin Klein with diamond cuffs! Poor Matthew Broderick. SJP is just too fab to hand over the spotlight.

8:19: The twitterverse reveals that Cameron’s dress is from Oscar’s fall 2010 collection! Amazing!

8:21: Kathy Ireland, let the actors talk! Aren’t you supposed to let the interviewee speak more than yourself? We’ve never seen Miley so terrified. (Miley, stand up straight).

8:24: Gabourey’s nervous giggles on the red carpet are kind of adorable. Hoping she brings home a win tonight!

Meryl Streep makes another appearance to close out ABC’s red carpet coverage. Gearing up for the awards to ensue! Check out our winner predictions here!

8:31: Drumroll…NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! Best presenter ever (and it hasn’t even started).

8:34: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin take the stage…should be a good combo. Let’s just hope Alec doesn’t strip down like he did in It’s Complicated. We’re still scarred. His chance to redeem himself starts…now.

8:40: Did Steve Martin just kill the Eywa with bug spray??!?

8:44: And the awards offically begin…Best Supporting Actor goes to: Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds— his first Academy Award and nomination ever!

8:58: Up gets the win for Best Animated Feature.

9:00: Amanda Seyfried and Miley present for Best Original Song and Miley flubs her lines. Both stars picked poof for their Oscar night ensembles…looks like the girls are enroute to prom…

Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey present for Best Original Screenplay. Loving the new take on announcing the nominees with the screenplay quotes onscreen. Hurt Locker takes its first award for the night…we’re thinking it won’t be the last.

9:17: Whoa, blast from the past! Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick on stage for a John Hughes tribute. Amazing! Molly’s looking a bit different since her Brat Pack days. Completely inspired to do ’80s movie night soon.

9:21: Bueller? Bueller? Best tribute ever.

9:22: Did they just announce Macaulay Culkin?!??

9:28: Carey Mulligan presenting…sigh. Her accent is like listening to music. Don’t even get us started on her dress.

9:37: Yesssss! Ben Stiller dressed as an Avatar to present for Best Makeup– speaking Na’vi, no less. James Cameron totally understands every word. We can see him translating in his head. (He’s moving to Pandora soon).

9:47: Gasp! Rachel McAdams looks even more stunning on stage than she did on the red carpet. A possible favorite of the night. Presents with Jake Gyllenhaal for Best Adapted Screenplay. Looks like chandelier earrings are making a comeback.

9:50: And Precious takes home its first win for the night!

9:51: Ohh, Steve Martin. You just summed up all our thoughts on that Precious acceptance speech in a few eloquent words. And that’s why we love you.

9:56: No Oscar ceremony is complete without a Robin Williams appearance. Best Supporting Actress win goes to Mo’Nique– no surprise there.

10:01: Mo’Nique gives a touching speech to the Academy. If only she’d take that potted plant out of her hair…

Fashion faves SJP and Tom Ford up on stage to present Costume Design award!

Who starts an Oscar speech with “I already have two of these.” Honestly?

We can’t tell if Kristen Stewart’s uber awkwardness is due to nervousness or boredom. Can’t we get a little smile out of you, Kristen? Atleast Taylor Lautner looks pleasant onstage.

10:21: There is nothing about this horror film tribute we’re enjoying…

The Hurt Locker is starting to clean up already…Award #2 and counting. Battle of the exes: who will take home more awards, James Cameron’s Avatar or Kathryn Bigelow’s film?

10:30: Inglourious Basterds montage plays leading up the Best Motion Picture award. Just came to the realization that Brad and Angie were completely MIA from the red carpet! Wonder how this will play out in the tabloids in regards to their recent breakup rumors…

10:37: Seriously, when will Demi Moore plateau? She’s getting up to 50 and looking younger every year. And tonight she looks amazing– but is anyone really surprised? That’s what plastic will do for you.

10:48: Interpretive dance…nice!

11:15: Quentin Tarantino presents for Best Foreign Language Film. Yep, he’s still strange as ever.

11:20: Ok, who’s everyone rooting for? Avatar, The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, Precious, Crazy Heart, The Blind Side? Getting closer!

11:26: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Jeff Bridges tribute brings tears to his eyes. Not sure any of the speeches can top that.

11:32: Loaded category for Best Actor in a Leading Role. And the Oscar goes to– Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart! Is it bad that we can still only picture him as The Dude?

11:35: Jeff Bridges is still talking…

11:41: Oprah never fails to move us to tears. Tribute to Gabourey Sidibe is seriously touching.

11:46: Another stacked category for Best Actress in a Leading Role…on pins and needles!

11:48: More tears! Sandra wins the Oscar! Gracious and moving acceptance speech by Ms. Bullock. But who is Helgeby?

11:50: We want a replay of that Meryl/Sandra kiss.

11:55: Kathryn Bigelow makes history with The Hurt Locker! First woman to ever win in the Best Director category. An amazing moment for women, for Hollywood, and for Bigelow’s career.

11:59: Kathryn Bigelow gets brought back on stage for Best Motion Picture win! The Hurt Locker takes home the ultimate gold statue of the night.

12:00: Can we get a little camera pan to James Cameron?

12:02: Someone might have to give Kathryn Bigelow a breathing device.

12:03: And that’s a wrap for the 2010 Oscars! Congratulations to all of the winners. Check back tomorrow for a round up of all the best dressed stars of the night!

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