14 Absurd Luxury Fashion Items in Stores Now

Kristen Bousquet
14 Absurd Luxury Fashion Items in Stores Now
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When it comes to designer goods, some make sense—luxurious jewelry and couture clothing—but there are some luxury fashion buys out there that are just plain absurd.

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Like what, you ask? Like a $65,000 pen (yes, one literally exists) or a $2,000 Fendi charm of Karl Lagerfeld, and other things that make you ask “who’s buying this stuff?”

In many cases, the prices are so astronomical because you’re paying for a brand name—Fendi, Chanel, Saint Laurent—which makes us wonder whether folks buying into it are slaves to fashion, or whether they really have that much extra cash.

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We’ve scoured the internet and found 14 of the most ridiculous luxury fashion buys out there, and you’re not going to believe some of these exist.


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If you've ever wanted to look like a goat, here's your chance—for only $2,000!

Saint Laurent Patti Studded Goat Hair Ankle Boots; $1,995 at net-a-porter.com

Coachella's right around the corner, ladies. 

Littledoe Silver Feather Palmer Crown; $935 at avenue32.com

Just in case life calls for a headpiece made out of Lego-like plastic.

Lili Colley Geo Hexa Headpiece; $5,230 at luisaviaroma.com

You better be writing some really special notes if you're paying 65k for a pen. A PEN.

Montegrappa Chaos Sylvester Stallone Fountain Pen; $65,471 at luisaviaroma.com

This clutch is made with HUMAN HAIR. That is all.

Ines Figaredo Head Clutch With Human Hair; $1,928 at luisaviaroma.com

Need new coffee table books? Skip Amazon and get these Chanel tomes instead—they only cost a month's rent, NBD. 

Assouline Set of three Chanel by François Baudot and Françoise Aveline hardcover books; $1,250 at net-a-porter.com

Okay fine, these are only $455.

FINDS + Benoît Missolin Alice polka-dot silk and rabbit-felt headpiece; $455 at net-a-porter.com

$2,000 is no match for a bad hair day. 

Halaby Alexis Ostrich Feather Headpiece; $1,775 at luisaviaroma.com

For serious medieval festival fans.

Idriss Guelai Atelier Evening Queens Headpiece & Harness; $10,758 at luisaviaroma.com

Does gold make the pleasure better? It better for $15k.

Lelo Inez 24kt Gold Exclusive Vibrator; $15,000 at luisaviaroma.com

Christian Grey would totally approve.

Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Disco Ball Body Harness; $1,395 at luisaviaroma.com

Nothing like paying $2K for a fur charm. 

Fendi "The Karlito" Karl Largerfeld Charm; $1,685 (it has a waiting list of over 600 peoplem so good luck.)


That's one way to stand out at Fashion Week. 

Piers Atkinson Dog Stuffed Animal On Wool Felt Beret; $585 at luisaviaroma.com

Perfect! A silver fox tail for those times when, you know, you need a silver fox tail.

Alexander McQueen Silver Fox Tail; $775 farfetch.com

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