Fashionable “Fur” Sure: The 10 Best Animal Models On Etsy

Summer K
Fashionable “Fur” Sure: The 10 Best Animal Models On Etsy
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Yesterday, we had the pleasure of discovering Pickles the Pug, the enigmatic dog with a flair for dramatic hats courtesy of his owner, Etsy vendor, Sweethoots. This of course led us down a lengthy rabbit hole of time suck in which we spent hours and hours exploring Etsy for the ideal pet models. Were they funny? Friendly? Did they offer up their best Blue Steel? And most importantly, did they bring their A-game to the “shoot?”

As a pet owner that routinely tortures her cat every holiday by forcing him to don an outfit for my amusement, I not only found a million things I’d love to buy him (Cat beret? Tres chic!), I also found oodles and oodles of animals that go the distance for their two-legged friends and then some.

Of course, not every outfit is functional for day-to-day wear, but given the time and dedication of each human and pet featured, we can only hope these lovelies at least get a cut of the profits or a treat for their efforts.

Click through the slideshow above for a rundown of our ten favorite furballs who are this close to securing a modeling contract with IMG or Ford (at least in our book — Boo, you better watch your back).

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Pickles adds a little festive flair to his birthday suit.

Kumar the guinea pig strikes a pose in the latest club kid/Halloween offering. (Spoiled Bratzwear)

Those burning blue eyes. Those elegant whiskers. This Siamese is ready to bring sexy back. (PamperedWhiskers)

Toki Nantucket is seriously the Kate Moss of the crafters set. (Seriously, book this cat on the cover of Vogue already.) (CatAtelier)

Frankie demonstrates that even the most seasoned model needs to appear blase -- even if you are working a saddle (flashback to George Michael's "Freedom" video!) (Nature's Adornment)

Composure is key when modeling the avante garde. (arosecreates)

A little sweet, a little sexy --this dog manages to convey so much with just one coy glance over the shoulder. (LittleMadametutu)

From Yoda to the best in Bar Mitzvahwear, this little lovely is the kind of versatile model you can book for just about anything. (HandmadeMonster)

Despite the humor in this pic, you can tell this pug is a pure professional. Notice the vunerability in the eyes and the "You must love me!" vibe eminating from behind the big pink furry nose and floppy rabbit ears...(ilickyou)

It's OK to be a diva -- as long as you can own what you're wearing. And trust us when say this kitty is KILLING it. (Carolyn Cooling)

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