BiP’s Abigail & Noah Tease ‘Messy’ Season 8: ‘We’re Glad We’re Not Going Through It Again’

Abigail Heringer, Noah Erb
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Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb don’t know the full cast of Bachelor in Paradise season 8, but based on the contestants they have heard are going, they expect a very “messy” season.

“There are a lot of big personalities going. Obviously, we want our friends to find love, but it’s definitely going to be a very messy season,” Abigail tells StyleCaster as part of her partnership with Grubhub and MasterChef Table. “We wish everyone the best. But we’re glad we’re not going through it again. We’ll let them deal with it.” Noah adds, “I just hope everyone is there to find love and doesn’t get wrapped up in too much drama. I want to watch a little bit of it, but I still want those people to find love in the end”

As Bachelor Nation members know, Abigail and Noah met on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2021. They broke up before the finale but got back together after the show finished filming. The continuation of their relationship was never shown on season 7, which was the first Bachelor in Paradise season not to have an “After the Final Rose” special. “It’s the sweetest love story to ever happen that was not videod,” Noah says. So here’s what fans didn’t see: 

“It was a shock ending. I was still processing everything that happened. We were at the airport, not at the same time, and he sent a neutral text, just apologizing, offering to do a phone call to explain more if I was open to it,” Abigail says. “I said, ‘Yeah, explain yourself!’ We had the phone call and decided, ‘We’ll see how it goes.’ Ten I got him to come out to Oregon, and we made it official.” Noah adds, “It was a conversation. ‘I still like you. What are we doing?’ ‘I still like you. It’s a complicated. Let’s do it. Where are you at? I want to come see you, and let’s at least give it a 100 percent try on our own terms.’ That happened, and it went well. We’ve been going ever since.”

More than a year later, Abigail and Noah are still going strong. In April, they moved into an apartment together in Los Angeles. The timing made sense: Abigail’s lease was ending in New York City and she was ready for a change. Noah, who was living in Oklahoma at the time, just took a nursing contract in California. Instead of flying back and forth between Oklahoma and New York, Abigail and Noah decided it was time to settle in one place, and L.A. made the most sense. “There have been no deal breakers,” Abigail says. “He just finished his nursing contract. But when he was working, he was doing night shifts, so we were on completely different schedules. We were living together, but we also weren’t in each other’s space 24/7. But that’s about to change, so we’ll see how it goes starting now.”

While Abigail and Noah have been on TV on three Bachelor Nation shows—The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Paradise—they confess they’re homebodies at heart. So when it comes to date night, Abigail and Noah’s favorite date idea is a night in. “Our favorite date nights have been staying in, ordering Grubhub, getting a bottle of wine, putting on our favorite show, and making a date night. Ever since moving in together, date nights have always been a top priority,” Abigail says while promoting Grubhub and MasterChef’s new service, MasterChef Table, a premium delivery-only restaurant concept.

Ahead, Abigail and Noah talked to StyleCaster about who they want to see on Bachelor in Paradise season 8, their reaction to former castmates Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs’ engagement, and their picks for the next Bachelor. 

On if they would’ve wanted an “After the Final Rose” special for season 7

NE: To have the “After Rose,” people wouldn’t have been in shock. It would’ve just been, ‘OK. This is what they did.’ We could’ve explained it, and that would’ve been it. 

AH: It would’ve been nice. I even see people comment super confused a year later being like, ‘Wait, you guys got back together?’ But I also think I would’ve been fine keeping it between us and staying off camera.”

On what it was like to start dating off camera

AH:  “On the show, it’s such an interesting environment. You have cameras, you have producers, all the drama. It feels very multi-universe. After the show, the thing we’ve done really well is just having a normal relationship. We stay in. We’re not all about the events. Moving at our own pace. I can talk to you when I want to talk to you.”

NE: “Just having the control. How you want it to look in a couple years versus having a lot of outside influence.”

On if they’d come back to Bachelor in Paradise for a cameo

NE: I have no problems with it. Being on the other side of it, it worked out for us. We’re happy. It would be fun to give a little input and help people out. “

AH: “We’re always open to it. We wouldn’t flat out say no. It just depends if they want us back. We have a lot of friends going, so we would definitely want to help.”

On the advice they’d give to future Bachelor in Paradise contestants

NE: “Don’t get caught in a lie, bro. That’s the first one. And don’t wait for somebody to come down if you have somebody good in front of you. Because that is really going to backfire.”

On who they want to see on Bachelor in Paradise

NE: Some of the guys I’d like to see are Brandon. I’d like to see him find a girl. I love Justin. He’s a funny guy. It would be fun to see James.

On Becca and Thomas’ engagement

AH: “We knew it was going to happen sometime soon. They had been dropping little hints, and I don’t think I’ve seen a couple more obsessed with each other. They’re very much in love. To actually see it on Instagram because we didn’t know it had happened and to also see that Becca was the one who proposed, we were shocked.”

NE: “We knew it was going to happen. I didn’t expect Becca to do it. I knew she would be the one, because she’s been there, they’re moving at her pace. Thomas would’ve gotten engaged on the beach.”

On who they want as the next Bachelor

NE: “Right now, either Rodney or Justin. Everyone would love Rodney. But I haven’t personally met Rodney, so I’m saying Justin for Bachelor just because he would be a lot of fun. He’s a funny, goofy guy but he’s also pretty serious. Noah’s vote is Justin for Bachelor. We’ll see how Bachelor in Paradise goes and if he goes there. If not, that’s my vote.

AH: “I really like Justin. I met him at Stagecoach. He would be a great Bachelor. But I definitely want to see who comes through on Gabby and Rachel’s season for sure.”

Bachelor in Paradise is available to stream on Hulu. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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