Watch Abigail Breslin Show Us Her Best Emoji Impressions

Spending the day with an Oscar nominated actress who’s worked with a long (and growing) list of Hollywood’s A-list all before the age of 18 might sound like a pretty intimidating task. At least, that’s what we thought when we were planning a fall style shoot with Abigail Breslin. But when the day arrived, she proved to be a charming, charismatic, funny teen with a lot of surprisingly poignant advice.

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We talked to her about everything from her personal style and on-the-go beauty must-haves, to dating tips that include advice every girl should probably swear by (“never stalk a guy’s profile.”) She also gave us the inside scoop on her upcoming zombie flick co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, where she plays a teenager who gets infected with a disease that turns her from young girl to flesh-craving zombie, and how she would have some scary fun pranking people off-set with the movie makeup.

Breslin even charmed us to death by showing off a bit of her acting skills while impersonating a few of her favorite emojis.

Check out the rest of our interview and watch the hilariously fun video above to really get to know Abigail Breslin!