Aaron Rodgers Is Considering Leaving the Green Bay Packers to Be With Shailene Woodley

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley
Photo: AP Images.

The end of an era. There are rumors that Aaron Rodgers is leaving the Packers to be with Shailene Woodley three months after their engagement.

ESPN’s senior NFL analyst Adam Schefter reported on Thursday, April 29, that Rodgers is “so disgruntled” with the Green Bay Packers that he’s considering not returning to the team. “Reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team, league and team sources told ESPN on Thursday,” Schefter tweeted.

After the tweet, several news outlets reported that Rodgers was considering signing with the San Francisco 49ers or the Las Vegas Raiders after his exit from the Packers. Given that both San Francisco and Las Vegas are only a short flight to Los Angeles, where Woodley lives, many suspect that Rodgers’ mixed feelings about the Packers could be due to his fiancé

“From unimpeachable source: As of last night, Aaron Rodgers’ wish list was 49ers, Broncos, Raiders (not necessarily in that order). He wanted Packers to take the 49ers’ offer. Next move by Rodgers is TBD,” tweeted account ProFootball Talk.

In April 2021, a source told HollywoodLife that Rodgers was also considering retiring from the NFL to host Jeopardy! full time. The football player was a guest host on the game show for two weeks in April after the death of longtime host Alex Trebek. “When Aaron is done with the NFL, he wants to continue doing commercials and TV,” an insider said. “And if Jeopardy! were to offer him the full-time gig of doing the show, he would highly consider retiring from the NFL to be the host.”

The source continued, “The producers of Jeopardy! just have to make the right offer, and Aaron would be the host in no time. He would jump at the opportunity. He is super competitive and would love one more Super Bowl, but Aaron is heading into another chapter in his life.”

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February, Woodley confirmed that she and Rodgers were engaged after less than a year of dating. “Yes, we are engaged, we are engaged,” she said to host Jimmy Fallon. “But for us it’s not new news, you know, so it’s kind of funny. Everybody right now is freaking out over it but we’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while.'” Woodley went on to admit that she doesn’t “know him as a football guy,” as she had never even watched a football game before dating the quarterback. “I know him as like the nerd who wants to host Jeopardy! That’s the dude I know. He just happens to also be very good at sports,” she said.

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