A Space Voyage With Leonardo DiCaprio Sold For $4 Million at amfAR Auction

Spencer Cain

leonardo dicaprio plays the strenuously polished trove of secrets that is jay gatsby in baz111 A Space Voyage With Leonardo DiCaprio Sold For $4 Million at amfAR Auction
At the ultra-swanky amfAR charity auction last night—held annually at the Cannes Film Festival—two very lucky (and very wealthy) individuals snagged the coolest prize we can think of: Seats on billionaire mogul Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space voyage! Each passenger shelled out about $1.9 million, which is pretty much a bargain considering the fact that it’s, well, space.
What’s even cooler than the fact that these people are going to space is that they’re doing so on the same flight as Leonardo DiCaprio. Hanging out with Leo is an honor on earth, and even more so in a galaxy far, far away. Page Six also reports that other big ticket items at the auction included admission to “The Wolf of Wall Street” premiere (which stars DiCaprio) that went for $1.5 million.
We can’t help but notice that he is auction gold. Just a few weeks ago, he raised a record-breaking $39 million at an art auction for his wildlife foundation.
Lesson learned? If you want to make money for charity, you need Leonardo DiCaprio attached to the cause!

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