A New ‘Serial’ Podcast About the Adnan Syed Case is Launching This Month

New podcast coming in 'Serial' case undisclosed

If you’ve spent the last four months searching for “Serial” replacements, you’re in luck: A brand-new podcast is set to launch April 13 that promises to dig even deeper into the 1999 murder case behind the massively popular phenomenon. 

“Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed” will reveal “new evidence and information” about the murder of Hae Min Lee, as well as the subsequent trial and incarceration of her ex-boyfriend, Adan Syed, who’s currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of the crime, though he underwent an appeals process in February, and is requesting a new trial due to mistakes he believes were made by his late lawyer Cristina Gutierrez.

The new podcast was created by attorneys Rabia Chaudry (who you’ll remember from early episodes of “Serial,” and who maintains Adnan is innocent), Susan Simpson and Colin Miller, and it’s being sponsored by the Adnan Syed Legal Defense Fund, so it’s a given that this series won’t quite be as impartial as the original, which was developed by veteran reporter Sarah Koenig.

Still, “Serial” clearly made an impact on all who listened—and probably caused you to seek out other similarly addictive podcasts—so new information isn’t a bad thing.