A Month of Fashion Risks: Pairing Bright Red and Pale Pink

What better way to ring in a new year than by stepping out of your comfort zone, style-wise? Check back here all month for a photo of a blogger, celebrity, or street style star who we feel took a fashion risk—and made us want to try it out ourselves, stat. 

Somewhere along the way, red and pink got a reputation for clashing terribly, which resulted in women avoiding the color combo like the plague (true story: “Do red and pink clash?” yields over 4 million results in Google.)

But, as with all things we scoff at fashion-wise, the pairing started to come back around a few seasons ago, with top designers proving it not only doesn’t mismatch, but actually looks achingly modern together. In fact, it’s now dated to still think the two colors shouldn’t be worn together.

If you’re still on the fence, we suggest taking a look at It girl and DJ Hannah Bronfman, who hit Paris Fashion Week in a lipstick red overcoat coat and a pale pink skirt. Of course, not everyone has these items—and we’re not suggesting you run out and buy them—but when playing with red and pink, her palette is a good one to use for inspiration.

To test the waters, try looking through your closet and pulling out anything that’s red and anything that’s pale pink. Red pumps and a pink skirt? Go for it! A red blazer and a pastel pink cami? Awesome! A pink sweater and a red clutch? Pretty!

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And if you don’t own anything in the shades, it’s not cheating to play with lipstick and nail polish—whether it’s an all-pink mani with a red dress, pale pink lips and red nails, or even bright red nails with a pink accent finger. Of course, if you’e really feeling wild, you can even pick up some pink hair chalk and go to town the next time you’re wearing something red.

Are you planning to try out this fashion risk? Weigh in below!

<——YESTERDAY’S FASHION RISK: Leather pants under a skirt.