A Month of Fashion Risks: Belt Your Winter Coat

What better way to ring in a new year than by stepping out of your comfort zone, style-wise? Check back here all month for a photo of a blogger, celebrity, or street style star who we feel took a fashion risk—and made us want to try it out ourselves, stat.

Winter’s frigid days and nights might be enough to make you want to wear everything you own, at once, and top it off with a blanket–January ain’t particularly forgiving when it comes to fashion.

We’re all for bundling everything you own on when the temperature is below freezing, but there is a way you can do it and still look chic.

Enter the classic coat–your winter-long wardrobe hero that gets more use than Netflix on a snow day.

It’s great for adding polish to layered outfits, and there’s a tip to know that can make fashion’s most worn winter piece of apparel feel fresh–by adding a belt over the top. No, we’re not talking about coats with belts that come included, we’re talking about a patent, plaited, leather, suede, skinny or think belt added as an accessory. If these street style photos are anything to go by, it’s a no-brainer way to boost your look.

Are you planning to try out this fashion risk? Weigh in below!

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