A Lot Studio Is the New Brand You Need for Hadid-Level Street Style Digs: EXCLUSIVE

A Lot Studio Is the New Brand You Need for Hadid-Level Street Style Digs: EXCLUSIVE
Photo: A Lot Studio.

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If you’re on the hunt for new, comfy clothing you could actually get away with wearing out (you know, like a sweatsuit set that’ll make you look like a model off duty and not just off-duty), then jot this name down. A Lot Studio is the new streetwear brand to know. And get this: You won’t have to break the bank to shop it.

New fashion labels are popping up on the daily, but A Lot Studio actually has something to offer—a fresh take on streetwear that suits both minimalists and maximalists alike. We’re talking sleek yet bold neon hoodies, neutral head-to-toe prints, and minimalist silhouettes that can be layered and piled on with ease. Oh, and not to mention some cheeky graphic design and a play on that ever-so popular logo trend (rather than name-checking the label, you’ll find that A Lot Studio has opted to put “100% COTTON” on display on a few of the pieces instead).

The brand may be young, but A Lot Studio’s designers certainly know what they’re doing. Valentina Ramirez and Ishita Mehta are both Parson alumni who first gained recognition for their creations in 2017 after winning a coveted design fellowship with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation and Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Label—i.e., they learned from the best.

Now you’ll find them working with upcoming artists to showcase their designs via the new A Lot Studio collection. For instance, this season’s collection features prints by Colombian ceramist Ana Buitrago. “We believe that the best products come from collaborations and collectives; contemporary artists should be recognized for their work and valued for it,” Ramirez and Mehta said of the collection.

A lot Studio clothing represents an alternative lifestyle to that of mindless consumerism: a lifestyle that centers originality, emotional experience and thoughtful personal expression.


And with a price range of just $40 – $250, the A Lot Studio debut collection is a must-have for any streetwear follower. But you should really see the collection for yourself. Scroll through to shop some of our favorite unisex pieces from the A Lot Studio range, and head to alotstudio.com to shop the rest.

STYLECASTER | A Lot Studios Launch

TSA Jumpsuit

Worn belted or just relaxed, this jumpsuit is sure to make a statement.

STYLECASTER | A Lot Studios Launch

Ignito Lamp Crop Top and Indira Gandhi Jumpsuit

We’re taking notes on how to layer from this outfit.

STYLECASTER | A Lot Studios Launch

Equilibrium Hoodie

A big, comfy hoodie worth spending forever in.
STYLECASTER | A Lot Studios Launch

Terminal 1 Crop Top

A sleek staple that could be worn in a million different outfits.

STYLECASTER | A Lot Studios Launch

JFK Sweatshirt and Sweatpant

Aptly named JFK, this set is perfect for travel days.