A CrossFit Coach Reviews Thakoon’s Fall 2015 Collection

Laurel Pinson

It’s easy to get jaded by the Fashion Week hubbub, so we’re always looking for ways to see the collections (and the week’s events) through fresh eyes. In our Ask a Real Person series, we ask folks outside the fashion bubble for their take on things, looking at Fashion Week through an entirely “real” perspective.

This season, we’re asking real New Yorkers for their take on some of the season’s buzziest shows. (You’ve read enough reviews from the professionals, right?) Here, Paul Benoit—the co-owner of CrossFit Wall Street—offers his take on Thakoon’s colorful Fall 2015 collection.

Frankly, we feel his take on the collection is surprisingly on-point, and his one-line review—”It’s a little Rothko-meets-Mondrian”—sounds like something you’d see in the show notes for any high-concept collection. (Also, props to Paul on the proper pronunciation of “Thakoon”!)

On the possible artistic references behind the collection:
“I’m a huge Rothko fan. It’s a little Rothko-meets-Mondrian.”

On his favorite outfit:
“I like in general that it looks like something that someone would actually wear. It looks a little more comfortable. I like that there are some bright colors combined with more muted colors.”

On the collection’s shearling-topped dress looks:
“This outfit, on the other hand, doesn’t really look like something that you’d practically be able to wear, or move around in that well. Could you really walk around in a cocktail party wearing this? Maybe you could, but it’s a little bit too much. It needs to have something–perhaps that textural element just needs to be made a little bit smaller, or a little less thick, I’m not exactly sure.”

On the possible inspiration behind the collection:
“For the most part, most of them are based on earth-toned colors. It’s sort of grounded—the colors remind me of the Grand Canyon and the Southwest.”

On the collection as a whole:
“I’d say that it’s interesting and approachable. It looks like something that would be enjoyable for someone to wear.”