A Croissant Tour of Paris

Blair Pfander
A Croissant Tour of Paris
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Ah, Paris. It may be known as the City of Love, but if it were up to us, its official credo would be “couture and calories.”
With the abundance of perfectly crisp croissants (sold on practically every corner in the city), it’s a miracle that fashion week attendees on and off the catwalk are able to get zipped into their ensembles at all. But life is short, and the only thing worse than slipping on the cobblestones in your hauts talons? Missing the opportunity to chow down on the city’s tastiest baked treat.
Here, we’ve rounded up the top ten flakiest, buttery-est, and tastiest croissants that Paris has to offer.
Share with us in the comments below, do you have a favorite Paris croissant? 

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Blé Sucré: After you sample the crackled glazed crust of this subtly salted croissant, you may feel compelled to eat another one (or another five). If you're feeling calorically adventurous, sample the chocolate-sprinkled version. 7 Rue Antoine Vollon.

Photo: Renaissance Hotels/Renaissance Hotels

La Pâtisserie De Cyril Lignac: Known for its distinctive horseshoe-shaped croissants, this Parisian boulangerie is owned by French TV personality, Cyril Lignac, whose wispy, buttery pastries are said to "melt" in your mouth. 24 rue Paul Bert; lapatisseriebycyrillignac.com.

Photo: Cyril Lignac/Cyril Lignac

Au Levain du Marais: It's not uncommon for the line at this burgundy-painted Parisian patisserie to extend out the door. Here, patrons come to worship at the altar of perfect quiche lorraine, fruit tarts, eclairs, and yes, some of the flakiest, tastiest croissants in town. 28 Boulevard Beaumachais.

Photo: Potatomato.com/Potatomato.com

Du Pain et Des Idées: With its old-fashioned interiors and trays of fresh baked goods, Du Pain et Des Idées—the brainchild of owner Christophe Vasseur—is one of the most earnest establishments in Paris. Vasseur—who insists the practices of bread making and pastry baking should never overlap—focuses exclusively on bread products, and has earned a reputation for a substantial croissant, with a heavy outer crust and dense interior. 34 Rue Yves Toudic; dupainetdesidees.com.

Photo: Global Blackbook/Global Blackbook

Frédéric Comyn: These fluffy spherically-shaped croissants won the "Concours du Meilleur Croissant" (the Olympics of croissant-baking) back in 2007. Flaky but with satisfying heft, consider these a "must eat" on your next Parisian sojourn. 27 Rue Friant.

Photo: ALifeWorthEating.com/ALifeWorthEating.com

Gérard Mulot: Traditionalists may balk at the tubular shape of these subtly-salted croissants, but their uncommon shape packs equally uncommon flavor. Pair with coffee and a table outside for a perfect afternoon a la francaise. 76 Rue de Seine; gerard-mulot.com.

Photo: Roboppy.com/Roboppy.com

Laurent Duchêne: This patisserie-boulangerie is best known for its perky pink cakes, but its light, airy croissants have earned a major reputation as well. Be sure to grab extra napkins: the paper-thin crumbs are guaranteed to make a mess. 2 Rue Wurtz; laurent-duchene.com.

Photo: goodfoodshops.blogspot.com/goodfoodshops.blogspot.com

Le Quartier du Pain: These bulky diamond-shaped croissants look like they were inflated with hot air, but prove to be lighter than air after you rip through the toasted outer layers. 74 Rue Saint-Charles; lequartierdupain.com.

Photo: parisien.com/parisien.com

Stohrer: If you're looking for a strong croissant recommendation, it doesn't get much better than Louis XV, who recruited Nicolas Stohrer to be his royal baker. Over a hundred years later, this humble patisserie is still whipping up the same crumbly, crisp croissants (finished with a dash of shiny glaze). 51 Rue Montorgueil; stohrer.fr.

Photo: ninarz11.wordpress.com/ninarz11.wordpress.com

Thierry Renard: Another "Concours du Meilleur Croissant" winner, Thierry Renard is known for making ultra-light, flaky croissants with a rich toasted butter flavor finished with a careful balance of sugar and salt. 58 Rue Du Cherche Midi.

Photo: blogs.angloinfo.com/blogs.angloinfo.com

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