Highlighted hair, over-sized graphic tees, nose rings and more–see all of your favorite (or not) 90s fashion trends in Peace's "Follow Baby" music video.

How Many ’90s Fashion Trends Can You Spot In This Brand New Music Video?

Susie G

Considering that it’s a Monday, there’s probably a part of you that’s a bit upset that the weekend is over and it’ll be another 4 days till it comes back. Maybe that’s why this brand new video from British band Peace called “Follow Baby” has hit a sharp chord with us today.

Moody, dreamy, somewhat angry, slightly determined–the tone of this brand new song pretty much sums up how we feel at 7 A.M. on a Monday morning.

The video clip for this angsty, indie alt jam is also leaving a strong mark with us thanks to the countless ’90s references we’ve managed to spot out. Highlighter-colored highlights, dudes with mop-top hair cuts and a single silver earring, over-sized graphic tees, bright colored eyeliner as if they were applied with gel pens (sadly, that was an actual thing), girls with dark pouty lips and so on.

Oh, and if the music video feels somewhat familiar, it may be because of the rose-colored landscape that might remind you of Rihanna‘s “Only Girl” video (except way less happy and upbeat).

Watch Peace’s “Follow Baby” music video down below, and let us know what other ’90s trends you can manage to find in the clip by leaving a few words in a comment underneath!